Address : R.C Bothra Foundation




Gau-Seva was established in the memory of late. Srimati Kumud Kumari Bothra, wife of RC Bothra. Inspired by her Jeevdaya Mission, we started our Gaushala in 2010 by saving three cows from slaughterhouses and providing them with necessary care,shelter, and food. As of 2022, we are taking care of 280 cows and hope to grow further.

Our shelter home is equipped with necessary facilities to provide maximum comfort to the cows. We offer personalized attention and care to our cows. A specialized vet has been appointed to visit the Gaushala for regular check-ups and administer treatment during emergencies to ensure proper medical care and nutrition.

We also ensure providing clean and hygienic surroundings, freshwater, enough ventilation, and a balanced dietmade from wheat bran, corn starch, and jaggery. Apart from this, we grow green grass at our farm and outsource dry grass from the nearby village to keep our cows in good health.


GauAnsh, a significant section of Gau Seva, aims at raising awareness of Gau products and their health benefits among the people.

100% natural organic products from cow dung are manufactured at our unitunder the brand name ‘Gau-Ansh’.

A major portion of the milk procured from milking cows are distributed to the blind schools and old homes in the villages.

The reserved cow dung is used in biogas plants and to develop guggaldhoop, ubtan soaps, cow dung cakes,sambrani cups, incense cones, and logs.